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 Untitled Subtraction (1996), SD video, Duration 6:00

Untitled Subtraction (1996), SD video, Duration 6:00

Matt Henry: New Endings

1 - 30 June at Viewfinder, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s moving image presentation at Auckland Central Library: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprising two video reels, New Endings will run in consecutive fortnight-long blocks, opening with Untitled Subtraction (1-15 June) and closing with Excerpts from Ton (16-30 June).

Produced early in his career, both these pieces share a search for beginnings and endings, an entry point into the shifting and fluid discourses about art’s relationship to language, parody, and critique.

Showing from this Wednesday ‘Untitled Subtraction’ captures Henry as he systematically paints over a text-based image on canvas. With this transformative act he erases a negative affirmation conceivably riffing upon the various end games played out in 20th Century painting. At the end of the short video we are confronted with a tabula rasa, suggestive of a beginning as much as an end point. This cyclic idea is echoed in ‘Excerpts from Ton’ which will screen from 16 June. Conceived as an incongruous creation allegory ‘Ton’ captures a domestic refrigerator and oven at the moment of their violent destruction and reconstitution.

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